Tesla's Semi truck gets revealed

11/20/2017 00:31:39
Tesla's Semi truck gets revealed
Tesla Semi will be introduced in 2019 but we already have some details about it, it will go from 0 to 60 in 5-seconds, admittedly, without a trailer.

Tesla Semi will be introduced in 2019 but we already have some details about it. It will surely have an electric motor with a practical manage of around 500 miles. The 5-second 0 to 60 time is achieved, admittedly, without a trailer. But even with a full 80,000-pound load stuck to its bottom this truck can accelerate to 60 mph in 20 seconds. Another interesting statistic suggests it climbs 5% grades at a steady 65 mph, as opposed to 45 mph for a regular hauler. What’s more, there is a regenerative braking system that recovers 98% of kinetic energy to the battery. And I’m sure you’ve already heard Musk talking about this massive thing being more dynamic than a Bugatti Chiron



So it’s fair to say Tesla Semi blows all the rivals out of the water in terms of performance. And as for the range, while the claimed 500 miles is pretty impressive, Tesla has also come up with Megachargers, a new high-speed DC charging solution, will add about 400 miles in 30 minute. The idea is you install these chargers at points of origin or destination of heavily trafficked routes, thus eliminating the range anxiety which is pretty much the only flaw in the Semi concept. Tesla also reckons their truck beats the regular bunch in terms of ownership cost, as it consumes less than two kilowatt-hours of energy per mile.



Enhanced Autopilot, the Tesla Semi features Automatic Emergency Braking, Automatic Lane Keeping, Lane Departure Warning, and event recording makes Tesla Semi a virtually autonomous truck and a pretty safe one at that. What’s more, with no engine, transmission, after-treatment system or differentials to upkeep, this bad boy is a lot more reliable and hassle-free to run than the traditional oily trucks. Mind you, it remains to be seen how well the electric motors and the battery packs wear with the passage of time. You can now reserve a Semi for as little as $5,000.


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